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Updated 03-03-16

Known Issues & Hints

  • Your device may need a restart after installation before the app will run. While I have never observed this behavior myself it would not be completely unexpected if you have a lot of apps on your device or it has been a long time since you have restarted (hold the sleep/wake button until the red "slide to power off" message appears.)

  • On some recent iOS the device's Settings App may need to be restarted before the settings of a recently updated App may show (that is, the settings for an updated app may appear blank.) To restart the Settings App, double-tap the home button and swipe the Settings App up off the top of the screen. Alternatively, restarting the device should also fix this.

  • On some recent iOS the screen may develop a hesitation if the app has been used for a while. Close and reopen the app if this occurs. Note: if you have chosen the "Use Accurate Back" in the Setting App you can return to your last location by going 'Back' whenever the app is first opened.

  • The app may close spontaneously during zooming or panning gestures. As in the case above it may indicate your device is running low on resources and may need a restart to reclaim them. This is a generic iOS issue so you might want to check the Apple web site here for more on this. You can also read my own long-winded (and old) discussion on this here.

  • The Back and Forward functions may not return you to where you were on the page. Choose "Use Accurate Back" in the Settings App to insure the previous page locations are properly restored. Unfortunately this setting sometimes slows down the Back/Forward operations and some transitions may be visually more choppy (that is, some transitions may flow in a less pleasantly smoothly manner.) The accuracy on the iPad is especially bad without this. For best performance with this setting turned off make sure the scale of each type of page is at its original value.

  • The 'Back' and 'Forward' side-swipes will not work if the view is zoomed.

  • The  Text Search  function may be sluggish, especially for the larger pages like the  Summaries Search,  or the  ANF Keys.

  • The page position may shift slightly upon rotation for a large page, especially when viewed on the 'Low' scale.

  • Another issue with the large pages has forced us to prevent screen rotation while viewing the Summaries Search page for devices running iOS 6. A number of other minor issues have crept in under iOS 6 now that the operating system has moved on.

  • The arrow keys on the Search Toolbar are slow to respond. This is an unavoidable aspect of allowing double-taps: the device must wait a fraction of a second to see if you are going to single-tap or double-tap the screen. To avoid this delay raise the keyboard and use the RETURN key for the next item in the search results, or the  @  key for the previous item.

  • Similarly, tapping the arrow keys on the Search Toolbar too quickly may be interpreted as a double-tap and cause the screen to zoom instead of navigating.

  • Similarly, tapping several different buttons on Main Toolbar too quickly may be interpreted as a double-tap and cause an unexpected navigation.

  • If a search is currently in progress you should see a red notice saying "Please Wait..." on the search toolbar. If you continue to use the keyboard or attempt to tap links on the page while the search is running you may end up with results you don't expect. It is generally a good idea to let these device's tiny processors finish their work before making additional demands on them.

  • The scrolling is not always smooth, especially on older devices.

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